Nissan to launch Skyline Nismo models in Japan

Nissan has announced the launches of the Skyline Nismo and Skyline Nismo Limited for the Japan market. Production of the Skyline Nismo - the pinnacle of the Skyline GT marque - is limited to 1,000 units and the launch will take place in early September. Only 100 Skyline Nismo Limited vehicles will be built, with a launch date planned for next summer.

The Skyline Nismo sports sedan continues Nissan’s tradition of integrating technology developed through motorsports into production vehicles.

Skyline Nismo

The Skyline has borne the GT badge - indicating its grand touring prowess - since the second-generation S5 series. The Skyline Nismo has been developed by combining the qualities of its GT predecessors with aerodynamic and chassis technologies that leverage Nismo’s unique racing technology. The aim, of course, is to produce a car that’s even faster, more comfortable and safer than its illustrious predecessors.

With its low, wide stance and potent Nismo engine, the Skyline Nismo has the looks and performance of an elite sports sedan. It features the GT badge on its front fender and a Nismo metal emblem on its center console that’s engraved with a serial number testifying to the limited production run.

The Skyline Nismo’s main features include:

- An engine exclusively tuned by the same engineers involved in the development of the GT500 racing class engine. Maximum output has been raised from 405 to 420 PS, while maximum torque has been increased from 475 to 550 Nm. The result is powerful yet tractable acceleration.

- In standard mode, the engine produces smooth acceleration suitable for everyday use. In sport and sport+ modes - which utilize the Nismo-dedicated AT shift schedule - the engine operates at higher rpms, delivering a sharper response.

- Specially developed performance tires provide an optimal balance between front and rear grip, with the width of the rear tires boosted by 20 mm to ensure the engine’s high torque is effectively delivered to the road. In addition, Nismo-exclusive Enkei 19-inch aluminum wheels have been fitted that are not only wider but also lighter and more rigid. The result is improved initial steering responsiveness and better ground contact that heighten cornering performance.

- The high performance of the wheels and tires is enhanced by specially tuned suspension and stabilizers that reduce roll when turning and maintain tracking on uneven road surfaces. By ensuring all wheels maximize contact with the road, the Skyline Nismo remains stabile even when pushing the performance edge.

- The brake pads feature a friction material with outstanding fade-resistance properties, and the antilock braking system (ABS) has been revised in line with the special tires and pads to shorten braking distance. In addition, the vehicle dynamics control system is specially tuned to match the stability improvements, delivering refined controllability on winding roads and optimizing performance even in extreme situations.

- The adhesive used on the front and rear windshields, adopted from the Nissan GT-R Nismo, improves body rigidity without increasing overall vehicle weight.

- A mere glance at the exterior makes it clear this is a Nismo model. It features a range of elements shared by new-generation Nismo road vehicles, including specially developed Nismo forward/rear bumpers and side sill covers with distinctive red accents, as well as Nismo-exclusive fog lamps and the Nismo logo.

- In addition, the moldings that surround the front bumper lower grille and fog lamps, and the surf lines running along the sides not only express dynamism but also improve high-speed stability by significantly enhancing downforce and reducing aerodynamic drag.

- Moreover, flow to the radiator and oil cooler has been optimized by redesigning the cross-section of the grille opening and the shape of the internal air guide, delivering cooling performance that ensures reliability while also reducing air resistance.

- The cabin features the same high quality fit and finish of the popular 400R model and its unified black tones a superb driving environment. The cockpit features a leather-wrapped steering wheel with a Nismo-exclusive red center mark, a 280 km/h speedometer and a red-ringed tachometer sporting a Nismo logo that underlines the car’s performance. The Nismo-tuned black Recaro sports seats are accented with a red centerpiece. Their suede upholstery is positioned to centralize pressure, ensuring the occupants stay positioned even in sharp corners. The seat structure also helps ensure the high level of comfort required for grand touring.

- Five body colors are available, including exclusive Nismo Stealth Gray.

The Skyline Nismo Limited is a special specification model created to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the S54A-1 model Skyline GT. It features a design reminiscent of a race car, exclusive matte gunmetal painted wheels and a high-precision engine. As a sign of its special status, the Limited will feature a takumi label that displays the details of the master craftsperson who individually assembled the engine at the Yokohama Plant, an exclusive serial plate displaying its production number and a unique emblem. Available colors include White Pearl, Nismo Stealth Gray and Dark Metal Gray.

Japanese pricing for the Skyline Nismo kicks off from 7,880,400 yen ($54,692) and tops out at 9,479,000 yen ($66,111) for the Nismo Limited.

Skyline Nismo

Skyline Nismo

Skyline Nismo

Skyline Nismo

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