Bugatti launches new service campaign for its Veyron customers

Bugatti Veyron

At this year’s Salon Retromobile in Paris, one of the world’s most renowned classic car shows and a meeting point for collectors from across the globe, the French luxury brand is presenting its new customer service programme for the Veyron.

The Loyalty Maintenance Programme (LMP) has been developed to maintain the technical condition of the Veyron fleet in the marketplace at the highest level. In addition, it can also help Veyron owners to reduce the operating expenses of their super sports car.

With LMP, Bugatti continues to expand its “Bugatti Certified” quality programme. By acquiring a “Bugatti Certified” seal, Veyron owners lay the ideal foundation for a sustained increase in the value of their vehicle. LMP is part of Bugatti’s Extended Warranty and Extended Warranty Plus warranty programs. Bugatti is the only carmaker to offer a factory warranty of up to 15 years.

Within the framework of the new Loyalty Maintenance Programme (LMP), Bugatti is now offering a variety of different service packages from which Veyron owners can choose in line with their requirements.

The super sports car brand from Alsace launched its Bugatti Certified program several years ago to ensure that the growing Veyron fleet in the marketplace could benefit from support in-line with the brand’s high standards. Vehicles are checked and prepared by Bugatti Customer Service and the official service partners of the brand. From airbags to spark plugs, everything is precisely tested and replaced if necessary. In addition, fundamental technical updates are carried out and an extended warranty is granted. At the end of this process, the vehicles receive the Bugatti Certified seal which confirms their excellent technical condition and appearance. This way, Bugatti ensures that its high standards are applied throughout the world.

Not only Veyron owners but also sports car enthusiasts wishing to purchase a pre-owned Bugatti benefit from the programme. Bugatti provides would-be owners with support in their search for a model meeting their requirements, ranging from colour to equipment and from power output to age. If customers have extraordinary wishes, Bugatti Certified also offers the possibility of customising vehicles in line with their requirements. This way, the brand ensures that pre-owned vehicles are also in impeccable condition and are 100-percent Bugatti.

By acquiring a pre-owned Veyron, new owners become part of the exclusive Bugatti family. This gives them the possibility of taking part in various special events held by the luxury brand and enjoying special offerings and events reserved for this select body of customers. And of course, all customer vehicles benefit from round-the-clock world-wide technical support from the Bugatti Flying Doctors as well as the 34 official dealers and service partners.

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