Nissan Charge app makes EV charging on the move easier than ever

Nissan Charge app makes EV charging on the move easier than ever

Nissan has unveiled a new electric vehicle charging service, Nissan Charge, which has been designed to make the EV ownership experience better than ever.

Created in partnership with Plugsurfing, Europe's leading Electro Mobility Service Provider, Nissan Charge enables Leaf owners to find and access a network of over 100,000+ charging points across Europe through one subscription, for easy charging while on the move.

Available with all new and used Nissan Leafs, Nissan Charge allows owners to search for the best charging point through a dedicated smartphone app for Apple and Android. Searches can be filtered by car model, charging speed and access methods, allowing owners to quickly track down the best place to recharge.

Users can navigate to their selected charging point through the app and use their phone to start and stop their charging sessions remotely at compatible stations.

The Nissan Charge app also locates charging points at Nissan dealerships and partners, giving Nissan Charge users easy access and competitive rates, enhancing the EV ownership experience.

Designed as part of an ever-growing EV community hub, Nissan Charge also gives users the option to provide feedback and ratings for charging stations via the app, helping others to plan their charging route.

To register, Leaf owners simply need to download the free app and create an account, which requires an email address and password, as well as the vehicle's VIN number and a valid debit card, credit card or PayPal account. Customers can then use the app or their online user portal to order a free charging key, which gives them access to charging points within the network and is used to start and stop charging sessions.

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