Chevrolet Onix Redline launched in China

Chevrolet Onix Redline
The Chevrolet Onix Redline compact sedan was recently launched in China. With a sporty exterior and interior, GM’s latest eighth-generation Ecotec 325T engine, and an impressive list of infotainment and safety features, it is available in two variants priced at RMB 96,900 and RMB 99,900.

Based on Chevrolet’s lean muscularity design philosophy, the Onix Redline has a dynamic and fashionable appearance. It highlights the brand’s youthful trend through its slender body proportions.

Inspired by Chevrolet’s long racing heritage and sporty DNA, the Onix Redline comes with classic red and black design cues. The familiar Chevrolet front face with a black dual-grille design has a black bow tie and horizontal red accents befitting the Redline name. The side windows are adorned with obsidian black trim, while exterior mirrors have a bright red trim. Sporty16-inch black aluminum wheels add to the stylish look.

Newly designed lens crystal drill stereo headlamps are classy and effectively gather light to improve visibility. Flying wing-style LED daytime running lights incorporate light-guided LED lamps. The eye-catching dual-element LED taillights feature the Redline logo.

The Onix Redline maximizes the driving experience. Its double-barrel sporty instrument panel has a 3.5-inch driver information display that can show the speed, tire pressure and other information in real time. Its three-piece multi-function steering wheel is wrapped in leather and includes a distinctive Redline-style black bow tie. In addition, the model comes standard with a PM 2.5 air purification system that creates a green and healthy interior environment with up to 99% filtration capacity.

New all-in-one sports seats were inspired by seats found in performance cars. The second row of seats has segment-leading spaciousness. The Onix Redline also has 22 storage spaces and a trunk with 469 liters of volume, making it ideal for family travel.

The Onix Redline comes standard with GM’s leading propulsion technology. The eighth-generation Ecotec 325T intelligent direct injection turbocharged engine is mated with a smooth six-speed Dynamic Start/Stop Shift (DSS) transmission, providing dynamic performance. It delivers maximum power of 92 kW and maximum torque of 180 Nm. Fuel consumption is as low as 4.9 liters per 100 km, enabling the Onix Redline to meet the China 6 emission standard.

The engine follows GM’s strict global intelligent manufacturing process. It has been put through 3.8 million kilometers of testing to ensure it is a leader in reliability and durability.

As a contemporary compact sedan, the Onix Redline is equipped with Chevrolet’s new MyLink in-vehicle infotainment system. It not only supports Apple CarPlay, Baidu CarLife and OnStar Intelligent Link, but also offers real-time map, smart navigation, weather search, radio, Xiao O intelligent driving assistant and other practical functions.

A highlight is the OnStar Lite intelligent rearview mirror. Users can enjoy one year of OnStar’s internet base package free of charge. With a single click, they can access an OnStar Call Center and take advantage of 12 gigabytes of free traffic for in-vehicle apps that provide directional data and other useful information.

The Onix Redline structure has liberally applied high-strength steel to balance comfort and safety. A range of advanced safety technologies come standard as well, such as Electronic Stability Control (ESC), which includes the antilock brake system (ABS), electronic brake force distribution (EBD), Traction Control System (TCS) and Hill Start Assist (HSA). Options include a reverse camera, reverse radar, the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) and ISOFIX locks for child safety seats.

The Onix is the sixth Chevrolet model in China that includes a Redline trim, joining the Equinox, Cruze, Orlando, all-new Malibu XL and Monza. Additional Onix variants will be introduced in the coming months.

Chevrolet Onix Redline

Chevrolet Onix Redline

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