Rolls-Royce special version for the rich Middle East

Rolls-Royce has unveiled two new models named: Phantom Coupe Shaheen and Phantom Bayunah dedicated to customers in Abu Dhabi.

Two special version is based on two different themes inspired by the culture and natural landscape of Abu Dhabi.

4-door models show inspiration from Baynunah, located in the western area of the kingdom, famous for sand dunes. Phantom Baynunah, interior and exterior is a combination of beige and brown with golden brown hood. The detailed decorative embroidery, mosaic ... were done manually at the Rolls-Royce factory at Goodwood (England).

Area is famous with eagles, Shaheen, was used to create model Phantom Coupe. White body makes interiors red tones more prominent when the doors opened. Each symbol eagle is results from 21,011 embroidered lines, creating a unique interior of the Phantom Coupe Shaheen.

- By Tan Dung

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