New Volvo V60 goes against the current SUV trend

New Volvo V60

There are more and more SUVs appearing on the market every day, it sometimes seems that they are taking over the road. Volvo has just launched their new V60, however, an estate car with enough style to rival any SUV out there. Drivers often think of estates as being boxy and devoid of interesting features, this is not the case with the V60, indeed its svelte, streamlined shape makes the thought of owning an estate car exciting again. Here are some reasons why you should consider a Volvo V60 for your next car.

The redesigned wagon shares the same Scalable Product Architecture (SPA) platform as the XC60 SUV and the larger 90-series models (S90 Sedan, V90 Wagon, XC90 SUV)

Many people love the XC60 SUV from Volvo, so much so that it has won the World Car of the Year Award for 2018. As an award decided on by automotive journalists around the world, this is an extremely impressive accolade. So the fact that the V60 shares the same SPA is great news. Ultimately, the SPA that has made the XC60 so popular is designed for larger, more prestigious vehicles, just imagine what it is going to do for the smaller V60.

U.S customers get two engine choices
While Europe will have two unleaded, two diesel and two hybrid engines to choose from, it seems that customers in the U.S will not be receiving a diesel option at all. There will be a hybrid model coming out eventually, however. If you are used to a diesel engine, check out our 6 reasons why your next car should be a hybrid article and see if we can convince you to give a hybrid engine a try on your next vehicle.

Volvo gave it an Automatic Emergency Braking System that can recognize pedestrians, bicyclists, and even large animals

Volvo loves their safety features and they sure have packed them into the V60. The car also has advance cruise control features that can handle some of the steering on good road conditions. The system can break at speeds of up to 80 m.p.h minimizing the impact of accidents or even avoiding them. If you are already convinced that this is the right choice for your next car, start looking at some Volvo V60 deals. 

New Volvo V60

Plaid seats will be an option

You can still opt for a leather interior if you wish, but with the V60, Volvo are also bringing out an option to have plaid seats. It does look really cool and stylish.

It's part of the care program

Care by Volvo is a program that allows customers to drive a new car every two years. The program is much more than just leasing a car because it includes all maintenance, registration, insurance, and taxes. You can even temporarily loan a different car, should you need it for a special occasion. The great news is that the V60 is included in this program, which is fantastic for existing members and also for those who might want to join in the future.

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