5 common traps to avoid when buying car insurance

5 common traps to avoid when buying car insurance

Car insurance can be a tricky business for every buyer, right from the novice insuring their first ever vehicle, right up to the seasoned driver who has been on the road for decades. Signing on the dotted line (or scrolling through online terms and conditions for most of us) can be tedious, and in order to get it all over with, people simply sign away, and fall into various traps. However, some common-sense steps can make car insurance the simple affair it should be, and Carsfresh are able to give some sound advice.

Tell the truth!

Many people will alter, omit or simply lie about important facts on their insurance application. It might save you some money in the short run, but this is only if you never have to call on your policy to bail you out. If an untruth is discovered, insurers may reduce the payout, or simply not pay out at all. In this case, you'll be personally liable for all costs and may be blacklisted by future insurers.

Do not be tempted solely by discounts!

A little bit of money off of a policy sounds like a great idea, and very often it is. Insurers do want your business and will fight tooth and nail to get it and retain it. However, it's important to remember that many insurers will absorb that discount by simply charging more over the life of the policy. 15% off may just be 15% more on the premium paid over the course of the year. Thinking of protecting a no claims discount? As The Guardian advises, this is often just a clever trick by the insurance companies to get you to pay out more. Don't be afraid to investigate and see how much of a real discount is being offered behind the promises.

Know your needs!

Do you need coverage to travel outside of the country? Do you need to cover just your car or allow yourself to drive other vehicles if needed? Writing down a list of requirements, then whittling down those companies that don't offer that coverage inches you closer to getting the exact policy you need. Don't be caught out by dubious or ambiguous terminology either. If you're unsure, get it clarified in writing.

Be prepared

One Sure Insurance have a list of extra add ons that often get overlooked. Being prepared for a windscreen crack, or making sure your phone and tablet are insured whilst in the car are things we take for granted. Factor these in and be prepared for what claims you might reasonably need to make.

Update your insurer if you change details

The Money Pages is just one consumer website that states the importance of updating your details. Insurers need to know whether you are no longer married, change job titles or move house. These all affect your day to day life and thus also your driving habits. Lapses in reporting the facts often invalidate a policy in the event of a claim.

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