Porsche recalls around 21,500 Cayenne diesel cars

Cayenne Diesel

In agreement with the German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA), Porsche has recalled Cayenne 3.0-litre V6 Diesel models in the EU6 emissions class.

The company discovered irregularities in the engine control software during internal investigations and has actively passed on its findings to the KBA. As part of the recall, a software update was agreed with the authorities as a corrective measure.

Around 21,500 vehicles in Europe from model years 2014 to 2017 are affected, including 6,000 in Germany. Porsche does not develop or manufacture diesel engines itself. However, as a vehicle manufacturer, Porsche accepts full responsibility towards its customers.

Subject to approval of the proposed technical software update by the KBA, the recall is expected to begin in autumn 2017 and will be completed as soon as possible. The vehicle owners will be contacted directly by their responsible Porsche partner. The visit to the workshop, which will take around one hour, will be arranged as soon as possible and will be handled free of charge.

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