Bristol Motors to launch a hybrid supercar this year

Italdesign-Giugiari Namir Hybrid Concept

Bristol Motors, a small British manufacturer of hand-built and limited production cars, has recently announced plans to unveil an all-new hybrid supercar, which might make its debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this July.

The new car will use a range-extended powertrain built in part by Bristol's associate company Frazer-Nash, the research firm run by Indian tech entrepreneur Kamal Siddiqi, who also owns the rights to the Wankel rotary engine. This powertrain will send the permanent electric drive to all four wheels, while a gasoline engine - probably a compact rotary - will power a generator to feed the lithium-ion batteries.

Back in 2009, Frazer-Nash introduced the Namir Hybrid Concept (the picture above), which used a hybrid powertrain that combines four electric motors and an 814cc rotary engine, producing a total of 370 hp.

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