Volkswagen will produce car to run 1 liter /100 km

According to a recent statement of VW on said, the car will be officially launched in Qatar, and if everything is properly planned, the vehicle will be put into production in the near future and will be available on the streets in 2013.

Test version launched in Qatar, will probably be a repeat version of the VW L1 had been introduced in Frankfurt in September 2009.

VW is planning to cut the maximum weight for the car, with details made of carbon materials, and other lightweight materials. Vehicles also compact than previous concept versions. The new version also be arranged to save the maximum width area, increased aerodynamics, and only 2 seats.

Concept version (VW L1) debuted in Germany have been equipped with 0.8-liter TDI engine with fuel consumption 1.38 liter/100 km (about 170 mpg). TDI engine with a capacity of 20 kW/27 PS (at 4,000 rpm), while in sport mode, its maximum capacity increased to 29 kW/39 PS (at 4,000 rpm), and maximum torque is 100 Nm at 1900 rpm.

In addition, TDI engine can be powered by an electric motor bring new performance to the car.

Some images of the concept L1 version:

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