Mitsubishi announces Momentum 2030, North American five-year business plan

Mitsubishi Motors North America (MMNA) has announced details of its forward-looking North American business plan, dubbed "Mitsubishi Motors Momentum 2030", outlining business and product plans that start immediately and run through fiscal-year 2030. The plan was first revealed to the company's dealer partners in a national dealer meeting on May 14, and was met with considerable enthusiasm and excitement.

Mitsubishi announces Momentum 2030, North American five-year business plan

The path to Momentum 2030 is defined by four key points: 1) a path to electrification; 2) a path to a renewed and expanded product lineup that will strengthen Mitsubishi in North America; 3) a path to a modernized retail sales model; and 4) a path to network expansion and sales growth.

In revealing Momentum 2030 to the company's dealer partners, Mark Chaffin, MMNA president and CEO, discussed how MMNA will continue its move toward vehicle electrification between now and fiscal 2030, with a vehicle lineup powered by a selection of advanced-technology internal combustion engines, hybrids, plug-in hybrids and battery electrics.

Additionally, Chaffin announced the product highlights that will define the company's showroom lineup going forward: two all-new vehicles to debut into segments in which the company does not currently compete, as well as a new or completely refreshed vehicle to debut each year between fiscal 2026 and fiscal 2030. By fiscal 2030, MMNA's vehicle lineup in the U.S. will nearly double from today's four vehicles.

A further benefit of Momentum 2030 also will be the boost to Mitsubishi's investment across North America in both people and production, as some vehicles will be produced locally utilizing Alliance assets.

MMNA will be a leader in industry change and evolution. The modernized sales and service model is highlighted by future developments that will see more technology introduced into the sales process, as the brand's new customers skew younger and more tech-savvy.

Looking to the future of the company's retail model, MMNA will expand into new markets around the U.S. in which it does not currently have a retail footprint, in order to make the company's vehicles more accessible to more customers. This is expected to bring an increase in the company's sales numbers between now and 2030. New retail concepts will define the future look and feel of these new facilities.

Chaffin closed the dealer meeting by saying: "The next 10 years will be great for this brand. MMC is making a significant investment to ensure our collective future. Momentum 2030 will drive more sales, more service, more Mitsubishi vehicles on the road and more Mitsubishi dealer partners around the country. Yes, this is our time, Team Mitsubishi."

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