Mazda is first car maker to join the eFuel Alliance

Mazda has announced that it has become the first automotive manufacturer to join the eFuel Alliance.

The alliance brings together organisations and interested parties that support the goal of establishing and promoting CO2-neutral e-fuels and hydrogen as a credible and real contributor to reducing emissions in the transport sector.

Mazda is first car maker to join the eFuel Alliance

Mazda has always been a strong advocate of a multi-solution approach, that combines different technologies, as the best way forward to reduce emissions. Electrification is a key pillar within Mazda’s multi-solution strategy and by 2030 all Mazda vehicles will be electrified. However, many vehicles will continue to have an internal combustion engine.

Throughout its history Mazda has been committed to developing cars and powertrains that are meeting the needs of its customers and this passion remains. These already include improvements in the efficiency of conventional powertrains, the electrification of the range, the wider uptake of renewable fuels as well as digital and connected tools that improve fuel efficiency.

Together with the eFuel Alliance and its members, Mazda supports the establishment of a mechanism that takes into account the contribution of renewable and low-carbon fuels for emissions reduction of passenger cars and will contribute to the decision-making process now that the EU is reviewing its climate legislation.

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