Acura offers non-certified used-vehicle inventory online

Acura is offering non-certified used Acura vehicles on, aligned with the brand’s effort to create a more comprehensive and streamlined method for customers to shop and purchase Acura pre-owned vehicles.

The company’s latest initiative is an expansion of Acura Precision Certified, the brand’s award-winning Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Vehicle Program, enhancing the brand’s sales portal by incorporating non-certified used Acura vehicles.

Acura now offers non-certified used-vehicle inventory online

The addition of used vehicles to is the latest step in Acura’s comprehensive approach to attract young and first-time buyers to the premium brand. Acura’s award-winning CPO program has experienced tremendous success over the past several years and is currently on pace for a fourth straight year of sales growth. Acura is one of a few luxury brands in positive CPO sales territory last year, and with an all-time record month in August.

The enhanced Acura Certified website enables customers to shop dealer inventories of Acura used vehicles that include up to 10 previous model years. Used and CPO vehicles are becoming an important gateway to vehicle ownership for young and first-time buyers, stemming from the ever-increasing new-vehicle transaction prices, making Acura’s effort to offer used vehicles on its website an important opportunity to attract new buyers.

Acura’s pre-owned vehicle initiative will continue to add enhancements in the near future, including aligning with Acura’s Precision Purchase online buying tool. This will take the process of purchasing a used Acura vehicle to the next level by enabling customers to complete most of the purchase process online.

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