2020 Nissan Roox to go on sale in Japan

The 2020 Nissan Roox, a wagon-type kei car offering customers a more powerful engine, a spacious cabin and award-winning driver assistance technology, will go on sale in Japan on March 19.

2020 Nissan Roox

The new Nissan Dayz, introduced in Japan last year, was the first minivehicle to feature ProPILOT advanced driver assistance technology. The system has evolved in the new Roox, which is equipped with a new millimeter-wave radar that gauges the status of preceding vehicles farther ahead, enabling smoother cruise control.

The new Roox is also equipped with the powerful BR06 engine found in the Dayz, which has been optimized for the new model.

Adopting the acclaimed Dayz platform, the new Roox’s cabin space is engineered to maximize comfort for passengers while securing plenty of room for luggage.

The car seats four adults comfortably. Legroom is plentiful, with a luxurious 795 mm of knee room for back-seat passengers. The ceiling height above the rear seat is 1,400 mm. With a floor length of 675 mm, the trunk fits four 48-liter suitcases.

Getting in and out is easy, thanks to a rear sliding door aperture of 650 mm. The automatic, hands-free door is activated by swinging your foot under the car and is installed on both sides. This makes opening and closing the door a cinch when carrying bags or small children.

The hip point of the front seats is 60 mm higher than in the previous model, resulting in a sweeping forward view.

The Roox’s engine structure has been stiffened to reduce noise. Combined with sound-insulating materials around the engine and doors and Nissan’s Zero Gravity seats, the result is optimal cabin quietness and comfort. 

2020 Nissan Roox

For the first time in a minivehicle, a sensor can detect rapid deceleration in two preceding vehicles. The Intelligent Forward Collision Warning system notifies the driver using an indicator and audible alert to reduce the risk of a forward collision.

Other safety technologies include the Adaptive LED Headlight System (which automatically switches headlights to low beam when a vehicle approaches, and then back to high beam), traffic sign recognition (alerting the driver to “no entry” signs, highway speed limits and stop signs), Intelligent Driver Alertness, and Front Vehicle Movement Alert.

The adoption of Intelligent Emergency Braking using a millimeter-wave radar improves nighttime performance, while the driver’s seat airbag system boosts protection of the legs. The safety structure against side impacts has also been strengthened.

In addition to an automatic accident reporting system, the SOS Call feature comes standard across the Highway Star series. This system allows the driver to make a manual call in emergency situations.

2020 Nissan Roox

The Standard series of the new Roox offers sophisticated, modern and simple design, with a bright “greige” (grey/beige) interior color for a relaxed feel. Black and mocha-based interiors are also available.

The Highway Star series is designed to exude class and a sense of breadth, with intuitive interior features that combine elegance with ease of use.

For the exterior, buyers can choose among 12 monotone colors and five two-tone schemes. New color options include Serenity Gold for the Standard series, and Amethyst Purple and Atlantic Blue for the Highway Star series.

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