Hyundai Kona Electric gets a 11 kW three-phase charger

Hyundai Kona Electric

With demand for the original Kona Electric having surpassed all expectations, Hyundai is now already announcing the enhanced specification of the new model year Kona Electric. With newly offered features like an 11-kW three-phase on-board AC charger cable, Kona Electric increases its appeal to environmentally conscious drivers seeking no-compromise future mobility.

After its first full year of sales, Kona has captured new customer groups and significantly contributed to Hyundai's strong position in the trending segment of compact SUVs. The impressive worldwide demand for the popular Kona Electric version in particular has exceeded even Hyundai's expectations. Hyundai is responding to this pent-up demand by announcing the latest enhancements planned for the emission-free SUV.

Another useful feature for the latest Kona Electric is Blue Link telematics: Hyundai’s Connected Car service in select markets enables drivers to start their Kona Electric using the Blue Link smartphone app, as well as activate the climate control before setting off on a trip to heat or cool the interior of the car on cold or hot days. It is also possible to unlock the car doors remotely by entering the Blue Link User PIN. In addition, Blue Link serves as a convenient diagnostic tool, notifying customers of any service that requires attention or where the driver last parked the car. Standard eCall service - which in addition to the manual eCall button automatically contacts emergency services in the case of a more serious road incident resulting in the airbag sensors being triggered - is also there to assist passengers.

As an available upgrade now as well, customers will be able to choose the latest satellite navigation package with new 10.25-inch AVN centre display touch-screen and wide split-screen graphic user interface (GUI). Meanwhile, passengers sitting in the rear of the Kona Electric can benefit from new rear heated seats that are now available.

The Kona Electric will make available a three-phase charger that can charge the battery pack with up to 11 kW, making compact electric SUV drivers even more flexible in their everyday lives. This charging capacity allows for significantly shorter charging times using public 3-phase AC charging stations or with a private compatible wall box at home. The convenient and quick charging option makes the compact SUV ultimately practical for any driving situation. Choosing ECO mode optimises the driving performance in terms of battery capacity and helps achieve maximum driving range.

The charging control system provides information on the expected charging times and ranges at a glance. In case only partial charge is required, or if the Kona is to be charged at a specific time, consumers can easily programme both options in advance. These functions can also be managed via the Blue Link app on your smartphone.

Deliveries of the upgraded Hyundai Kona Electric will begin in European markets from the end of 2019.

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