Mercedes-Benz S-Class and GLS by Hofele-Design

The Hofele family has a history in automotive design and engineering and a connection to the Mercedes-Benz brand for over 100 years when the current generation Michael & Martin Hofele’s grandfather was an apprentice with Mr. Carl Benz at Benz & Co.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class by Hofele-Design

In January 2018, Hofele-Design became an authorised contractual partner of Daimler AG for the conversion of Mercedes-Benz passenger cars. So far this year we have seen some of Hofele’s products based on Mercedes-Benz SUV’s like the GLS and the G-Wagon. Now Hofele turns their attention to Mercedes-Benz saloon models. Hofele has just released photos of their exclusive program for the S-Class and the Maybach.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class by Hofele-Design

Hofele’s design philosophy is based on "Elegant, Sophisticated with a tough of Sportiness". Rather than following the trend of some of the other companies modifying Mercedes-Benz vehicles which push the boundaries with large amounts of carbon and aerodynamic add-on’s Hofele’s designs focus is on discrete individualism. The owner of a Hofele wants the Mercedes-Benz brand experience with a little bit of extra exclusivity.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class by Hofele-Design

We have seen the Hofele based on a standard Mercedes-Benz GLS400 that looks like a "Special Edition" GLS 63 AMG with its high quality Maybach style leather interior and many other exclusive Hofele features, the total Hofele package is made up of a number of styling elements and enhancements that are included with a very high level of attention to detail that they really do add to the feeling and look of an ultra-premium brand. 

Mercedes-Benz GLS by Hofele-Design

The Hofele S-Class & Maybach shown here for the first time demonstrate that Hofele is committed to building the brand to enhance the whole range of passenger cars available from Mercedes-Benz. We are also informed that Hofele is now working on the C & E-Class models and we hope to see details of these soon. Hofele is now actively building an internationally respected brand with a dealer network to cover Europe, The Middle East and China. 


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