Top 5 most common traffic violations in Los Angeles

Top 5 most common traffic violations in Los Angeles

Traffic violations can be everything from inconvenient to life changing. While you may typically be a careful driver, everyone has off days. Being aware of the most commonly broken traffic laws may help you avoid an accident.

1. Unfocussed driving

Using a cell phone to talk or text while driving has made distracted driving the top cause of accidents in Los Angeles. Anything from eating to changing the radio station or applying makeup takes your focus off the road and needs to wait until you are parked.

2. Driving while drunk

This issue remains one of the top causes of traffic violations and accidents across the country because people aren’t always aware of how intoxicated they really are. Even people with a small amount of alcohol in their body can be deadly when they’re behind the wheel. The tickets for a DUI are expensive and lead to the suspension of your license. If you are caught in this particular situation, contact a DUI lawyer Los Angeles CA for the help you need.

3. Speeding

Driving over the posted speed limit may seem necessary when you’re running late for work, but especially in a congested city like Los Angeles, speeding can be dangerous. It reduces your reaction time if you need to stop or avoid another vehicle, and can make an accident worse.

4. Ignoring traffic signs or signals

Even actions that may seem common such as rolling through a stop sign or speeding up to get through a yellow light are illegal. Traffic signs are posted to serve as warnings, and ignoring or disregarding them can have catastrophic effects.

5. Driving at night

Even with perfect vision and brand new headlights, it can be difficult to see clearly in the dark. You can easily miss a deer by the side of the road or a pedestrian crossing the street. Pay special attention to your driving and surroundings if you must drive at night.

If you have been in an accident or received a moving violation, you don’t have to handle it by yourself. Experienced attorneys from your nearby traffic clinic are ready to have your back at prices you can afford. Contact the Ticket Clinic today to find the nearest location and start your free consultation.

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