What your added car insurance policy covers?

What your added car insurance policy covers?

An additional warranty coverage for your vehicle will not only protect you from out-of-pocket expenses but will also cover service repairs stipulated within the policy including the car´s mileage and length of service contract offered.

While some car owners think this is just an additional expense on their part, the main benefit of getting one is to cover repair and maintenance costs that can happen after the main warranty has expired. This savesyou from headaches for visiting workshops for your car repair.

Understanding the two types of additional warranties

Dealerships offer two additional coverages for car owners and each one has its pros and cons depending on the benefits and protection you need. OEM or what is known as Original Equipment Manufacturer´s warranty and aftermarket protection offered by third-party companies.

OEM protection

An OEM warranty comes in two forms: powertrain or limited. The difference between the two is that powertrain only covers the important components of the vehicle including the engine and transmission. It is a good protection against defects primarily caused by theworkmanship and any other issues that materialize as a result of production issues.

A limited warranty or what is typically known as a bumper-to-bumper coverage includes protection of under-the-hood components, the various electronics found inside the car, the navigation system, and power seats to name a few. This type of coverage is akin to the one you've just purchased the brand new vehicle. Aside from prolonging the initial coverage, it also includes an allotted mileage for the car.

Aftermarket coverages

Also known as aftermarket warranties, the coverage can be similar to an OEM with some inclusion and a few limitations that make it an ideal protection. Apart from being able to cover your vehicle repair and maintenance for the duration of the contract without incurring additional expense, it can also help you save on out-of-pocket costs because they partner with accredited servicemen who can immediately fix your car.

Aftermarket coverages like those offered by Endurance Auto Warranty are also less expensive than OEM coverages because fit within the category offered for refurbished and used vehicle dealerships.It is also a good option if you are buying a certain vehicle brand from a brand carrier, who cannot offer you the same coverage as what their brand has.

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What your added vehicle protection policy covers?

Although your policy will dictate what will be covered by the additional insurance, it has always been a good protection for the important components under the hood. All insurance coverage includes protection against manufacturing damage. Under-the-hood components like the transmission and engine are always covered by this added insurance.

In some cases, warranties would also include value-added services including roadside assistance in cases when your car breaks down while on the road. Towing costs and tire changes are usually the additional benefits if your insurance has a roadside assistance feature.

Another feature it could include is a Federal emission warranty where you are covered from repairs in case your vehicle does not meet the Environmental Protection Agency standards.

Ultimately, knowing what your additional vehicle protection includes will help you get the best out of it.

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