Ford opens the world’s largest dealer showroom in Saudi Arabia

Al Jazirah Vehicles

Al Jazirah Vehicles Agencies has opened successfully the world’s largest Ford’s dealer showroom in Riyadh branch of Al Jazirah Vehicles, the sole authorized dealer of Ford and Lincoln vehicles in Saudi Arabia.

The showroom features advanced equipment and supported with state-of-the-art technologies to showcase Ford and Lincoln vehicles. This facility is world’s largest Ford showroom after Jeddah and Dammam showrooms located within a branch spreading over an area of more than 23,000 sqm, and includes an integrated car service center equipped with the latest technologies and a warehouse for spare parts. The new giant branch will be added to Al Jazirah Vehicles’ portfolio that consists of more than 200 facilities across Saudi Arabia.

The new branch is featured by its capacity. Being the world’s largest Ford’s dealer showroom, the new branch has a service department with a large reception capacity, in addition to other areas allocated for spare parts and for accommodating cars.

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