What to look for in a commercial vehicle?

Fiat Grande Punto Van

When looking to purchase a commercial vehicle the features you need to focus on will depend on what you intend to use the vehicle for.

If it’s a matter of transporting materials and equipment to and from a building site then you’ll want something durable and spacious. If its intended use is for the delivery of goods then features such as being easily accessible and economical will be essential.

Perhaps you’re in a band and need a vehicle to transport your instruments and sound equipment from venue to venue. The Fiat Grande Punto Van provides a number of exciting and useful features including a luggage compartment with the capacity to hold up to 1,000 liters. Its compact design makes it ideal for city travelling and transporting packages or equipment across town.

Delivered with inbuilt Blue&MeTomTom Live navigator, there is no need to worry about getting lost while driving this stylish vehicle either. With the Euro 5 model reaching a top speed of 111 mph, arriving on time will also not be an issue!

Commercial vehicles are essential for the successful running of many small businesses and Fiat’s range can offer you the model you need whatever the individual needs of your commercial activities. The Scudo Goods Transport starts at just £16,045 and features two large sliding doors that make accessing and delivering goods easier and speedier.

With a ceiling light and capacities of up to 1,200 kg running your business will be much more straightforward with the help of this durable and robust van. For working on building sites, the Ducato Conversion is ideal. Its open platform makes customisation easy and allows tools to be accessed promptly without the trouble of opening and closing doors.

Its unique design also allows four extra seats to be added to the compulsory three through the addition of another seating bench.

For transporting work crews or other large groups of passengers, the Ducato Passenger Transport is perfect. With up to 9 seats and a steel slide rail, travelling in this vehicle is a pleasure. It also features the lowest consumption of any vehicle in its class at just 42.8 mpg and comes with a Start&Stop device which automatically shuts off the vehicle’s engine whenever it is held up in traffic.

However you choose to use your new vehicle, Fiat’s range will prove to be durable and reliable and this is especially so in the case of the FiorinoCombi which among its many exciting features includes Electronic Stability Control which will restore directionality and ride stability in the event of a skid.

Starting at £12,565, the Doblo Cargo comes in 11 different versions including the High Roof and the WorkUp. All models come with the MultiJet engine with 40% fewer components making it much lighter than the average engine and Bi-Link Suspension providing a more comfortable driving experience.

The features available on Fiat’s fleet of vehicles are variable and robust, giving each user a chance to experience the joy of driving in comfort and working in style.

All prices true at time of writing.

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