70 years old man restores the oldest Porsche in the world

Iso Grifo Competizione

Locals Magazine send us a short documentary on the story of an Italian mechanic named Luciano Rupolo who found and restored the oldest Porsche in the world.

According to the cultural web-magazine based on the North East of Italy, Luciano Rupolo is a retired mechanic who used to run in Historic Cars Races. In the 70s, he found the wreck of a car that looked like a homemade Porsche. Later, he found out it was Porsche No. 004, the oldest existing Porsche car.

In this clip, he tells the story of its restoration and other anecdotes about his peculiar car collection. And we see this 70 years old man running with his Iso Grifo Competizione.

The full documentary will be soon released and we will keep you up to date.

Iso Grifo Competizione

Luciano Rupolo

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