Fiat 500X & entry-level Jeep to be built in Italy

Fiat 500X crossover

Fiat has recently announced plans to build two new models at their Melfi assembly plant in Italy in 2014.

This plant will be invested more than €1 billion to start assembling an entry-level Jeep and the Fiat 500X. Both models will be based on the company's new modular Small Wide platform and be available with all-wheel drive.

"The first of the two new models will be a Jeep utility vehicle that represents the brand’s entrance into a new market segment," Fiat said in a statement. "Melfi will be the only plant in the world to produce this model and, as for all Jeep products, it will be sold in markets worldwide."

The Fiat 500X will follow shortly thereafter, while the Italian carmaker also hinted that once the plant upgrades are complete, Melfi can build up to four different models on the same assembly line, with 1,600 vehicles per day.

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