Mazda Shinari concept confirmed

The Shinari has been revealed in Milan, Italy 2 months ago and it is known as the next version Nagare.

However, Mazda has recently certified that the new version is released is not a continuation Nagare lineup, it is a new product, known with Kodo new language (the Japanese word for the soul of motion) to completely replace the Nagare.

The concept is combines sophistication of the Aston Martin Rapide and the Mazda RX-8, but still created point on the surface, with prominent curves. The system mirrors of the Shinari use a camera replace traditional. In addition, the grille, headlight clusters hip design eye help perfecting new forms for the Shinari.

On the interior, the Japanese carmaker is paying special attention to the luxury leather details, the wheel underground tanks, slim headlight clusters with the sports seats will definitely bring feeling comfortable for the user.

The Shinari be viewed as the beginning of Kodo-style design, replacing the Nagare design language now. This is the result of collaboration between departments design of the Mazda in Japan, America and Germany.

At the ceremony, Mr. Ikuo Maeda, global design director of Mazda Motor said, this model will be the inspiration for the product of Mazda in the future.

Mr Derek Jenkins, design director for Mazda North America said, "Shinari is a 4-door coupe model, Mazda clear orientation to the luxury car segment, competing with Aston Martin Rapide, Porsche Panamera and upcoming Fisker Karma model ".

Reportedly, the new Shinari will officially debut at the 2010 Paris Auto Show next October.

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